Anara is the planet where most of the Relic Master series takes place.


The world of Anara.

According to the Order, Anara is said to be made by the Makers. Anara is split in half, between the Finished Lands, where most of the story takes place, and the Unfinished Lands, wherein lies the island and safe haven of Sarres, and the Pits of Maar, the home of the Margrave. The planet is also split in half by the Narrow Sea, with settlements such as Troen and Marnza Bay along with the once-great city of Tasceron.

Tasceron Edit

The old capital of Anara, Tasceron was the Maker's base of operations and later the home of the Order and the Emperor of Anara. After it was captured by the Watch and the death of Mardoc Archkeeper the city's web of awen-lines was shattered and the city became a dark, inhospitable maze of alleys populated by wretches and monsters.

The city is nearly inaccessible after the great Bridge was destroyed. One must now sail to the docks of Tasceron or make their way through the Drowned Forest of Karsh.

Galen Harn, Raffael Morel, Carys Arrin, and the Greycat Sekoi enter the city early in the storyline and discover the House of Trees, and inside it, a radio system known as the Crow and for a few short seconds they converse with someone on Earth.