Raffael "Raffi" Morel

Fan art of Raffi and Carys. Photo credits: Skulduggerypleasantg

Raffi Morel



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Galen Harn


16 (in The Dark City)

 is one of the main characters in the Relic Master series. He is sixteen years old at the start of the series and is apprenticed to Galen Harn.


Raffi has short brown hair. He usually wears a blue coat, a green shirt, and brown trousers. He wears black gloves and leather boots. He also has the 7 blue and purple awen-bead necklaces of a Relic Master apprentice. It is often remarked that he looks malnourished or underfed, a result of his four-year journey through the wilds of Anara.


Raffi has a nervous attitude and can't handle pressure well. He is easily frightened, although he builds some confidence as the series progresses. He cares for his family and misses them often.


  • Galen Harn- Raffi has a very strained relationship with his master. They fight often and they grow farther apart towards the end of the series, but they truly care for each other. They met when Galen took Raffi away from his home when he was twelve.
  • Carys Arrin- Raffi has mixed feelings about Carys and distrusts her at the beginning of the series as she reveals she works for the Watch. However, later on he gets closer with her and they become good friends.
  • The Sekoi- Raffi and the Sekoi get along fine until the Sekoi betrays Raffi in exchange for gold, which is the Sekoi's weakness.